February 9, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Belly Buttons
30 Dupont St W
Waterloo, ON N2L 2X6


Help For Your Picky Eater – 3 Part Series

Confidently transform your picky child’s eating habits in 6 weeks (Three 2-hour classes, every other week)  Let’s face it, you have no idea what to do about your picky eater, but you know you need some help.  Some REAL help.  And fast.

Here’s what you’re dealing with:

  • You have a child who doesn’t love healthy food.  Or food in general.
  • You’re sneaking spinach into their food at every opportunity, simply to reassure yourself that they’re getting the nutrition they need. 
  • You dread meals with your child because you’re tired of mealtime battles
  • You’ve kind of given up on the idea of cooking one meal that everyone will eat. (Which means either cooking two separate meals or eating chicken fingers with the kids. For the 3rd night in a row.)

You just want answers. Some direction. A step-by-step plan that you know will produce results for your picky eater.   Join Sarah Bester, Family Nutritionist and Picky Eating Coach for this 3 part workshop series, where she will guide through a series of research-backed strategies to implement with your picky eater, that will change their attitude towards food and get them excited to come to the table.  By the end of the series, mealtimes with be calm, inspiring and even fun. Your child will be more consistent about eating and you’ll feel confident that you’re feeding your child in a way that will set them up to be a healthy eating adolescent, and then adult.

Join Sarah for 3 sessions.  7-9pm for $135!