Help For Picky Eaters Workshop 3 Part Series

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Help For Your Picky Eater – 3 Part Series Confidently transform your picky child’s eating habits in 6 weeks (Three 2-hour classes, every other week)  Let’s face it, you have no idea what to do about your picky eater, but you know you need some help.  Some REAL help.  And fast. [...]

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Discipline Workshop

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Beyond The Timeout : Discipline Strategies That Really Work Learn the most effective ways to guide your children to behave properly and find out why commonly used strategies like the time-out and sticker charts are not great choices for handling misbehaviour. In this session we will discuss a wide range of [...]

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Happier, Healthier ME! For Mamas & Mamas to BE!

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Happier, Healthier ME! For Mamas & Mamas to Be! Helping you connect with the Happiest, Healthiest YOU from Fertility to Prenatal & life as a New Mom. With Amanda Weber, mother of 3, certified Stress Management Coach and creator of the “Happier, Healthier ME!” program,  we'll dive into the most effective tools [...]

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CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Would you be ready for an emergency in your home? Learn CPR today! Courses are brought to you by First Aid Force. Our instructors are not only Authorized Providers of Canadian Red Cross, but also local career emergency service workers. Our courses are FUN, Relaxing, and Interactive. All participants receive Canadian Red Cross CPR [...]

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Stroller Fit

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER We use resistance bands and body weight exercises along with brisk walking or running to help tone your muscles and get you back into your pre-pregnancy jeans sooner.  Stroller Fit is a great way to carve out some valuable time for yourself without the need for a babysitter; baby will be happy to come along [...]

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Kindersleep Workshop

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Do you need some tips on how to help your baby sleep for longer periods? Single registration ($45.00) = one person. If your partner plans to join us as well please let us know so we can plan for enough seating. An extra fee will apply. 6:30pm - 8:30pm   KinderSleep Workshop: [...]

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Natural Pain Management Workshop

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Learn valuable skills to help you actively participate in your birth experience. We will discuss and practice various positions, comfort measures, and breathing techniques for labour to empower you and give you and your birth partner more confidence as you prepare for birth. We discuss the pain, tension, fear cycle and [...]

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Growing Super Babies, Part 1

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Did you know our birth method and feeding choices set our babies up for either a magnificently healthy or not-so-healthy immune system for life? Join Trish Unger, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, as we dig in to the incredible research on gut health and the microbiome and learn how we can make some [...]

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